Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A simple guessing game in Erlang

Recently, I found out about a book called Inventing your own computer games with Python.  In it, there's a "Guess the Number" game.  Man, it takes me back to when I was toying around in GW-Basic.  I've been meaning to do Erlang again, and was going through Learn You Some Erlang for Greater Good, when I wanted a simple project to practice some Erlangian.  I had forgotten a lot of the basics, and this was a good way to get back into it.  Not a very fun game to play--maybe I'll try Bagels later on.  For now, it's just "Guess the Number".

What's interesting is that basic process and components of the game map very well to each decision that must be made, so you don't need to use an if statement at all.  All you need are the guards for each function.  Also, the entire game state needs to be carried in the parameters of each function.  I can see how that can be a pain for more complex games.

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