Tuesday, June 01, 2010

BrowserCouch is CouchDb for browsers

BrowserCouch Documentation

BrowserCouch is an attempt at an in-browser MapReduce implementation. It's written entirely in JavaScript and intended to work on all browsers, gracefully upgrading when support for better efficiency or feature set is detected.

Not coincidentally, this library is intended to mimic the functionality of CouchDB on the client-side, and may even support integration with CouchDB in the future.


This prototype is intended as a response to Vladimir Vukićević's blog post entitled HTML5 Web Storage and SQL. A CouchDB-like API seems like a nice solution to persistent storage on the Web because so many of its semantics are delegated out to the JavaScript language, which makes it potentially easy to standardize. Furthermore, the MapReduce paradigm also naturally takes advantage of multiple processor cores—something that is increasingly common in today's computing devices.

Things to do

To learn how to use BrowserCouch, check out the work-in-progress tutorial.

Aside from that, you can run the test suite and the semi-large data set test, though they're not particularly exciting. In the future, we'd like to make CouchDB's Futon client work entirely using BrowserCouch as its backend instead of a CouchDB server, but that's a ways away.

If you'd like to see more code samples of what the BrowserCouch API currently looks like, check out the annotated source code for the test suite. You can also read the primary source code documentation for more on BrowserCouch's implementation.

This is really awesome. I thought about doing this, but figured it was a massive undertaking. I'm glad someone's doing it. CouchDb's replication features (while not implemented yet in BrowserCouch), is something to really look forward to, especially if it's available for mobile browsers.

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