Friday, October 24, 2008

Frogmetrics on techcrunch

As some of you know, I joined a YCombinator company called Frogmetrics. We've launched, and was covered by Techcrunch last night.

I work on the server side of things, which means the analytics package which we call Mastermind. Working on the architecture over the summer was a little bit different than the typical rails app.

Mastermind allows users to view graphs of survey data for a particular region, location, or employee at a specific time period.

One of the comments that I saw on techcrunch was why didn't we use iPhones? That's a common question, and the answer is a mix of technical and business reasons. If we had iPhones to give to people, they would readily know that it was an iPhone and be more likely to run off with one. Sorry Nokia, but your tablets just aren't as sexy to run off with. Alternatively, telling people to go to a webpage on their iPhones would be another barrier to taking the survey. It wouldn't get the high response rates that we're seeing right now. The idea is to make it as easy and as painless as possible to take a survey. In our pilots, we found that older folks had a much tougher time reading the text. Nokias have bigger screens, and we could hence put bigger text on there, not to mention big beautiful buttons that affords pushing.

Well, if you or your company has interest in our product, feel free to let us know on the contact page. I dislike that we don't have our prices on the web page as of yet, but that'll be worked out soon.

Wish us luck (and hard work)!

As a side note, interesting things that I post on here don't always have to do with Frogmetrics. Like any good engineer, I play or think about interesting things whether they're related to work or not. So don't take it that whatever I'm playing with here is what's going into Frogmetrics. :)


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  1. what about an itouch with an application installed on it.

    a) sexy
    b) no safari/browser pointing
    c) possibly easier software dev
    d) price? (i dunno)

    nice article though. keep it up.