Sunday, July 20, 2008

Git remote branch notes

I'm surprised that I still have readers. All apologies, but things have changed significantly in the past month. I joined another startup, and have been busy with that. Mobtropolis is still up and running, however, as it pretty much runs itself. So no worries about that.

I've not learned too much, other than how to use git and some things about couchDB on the side, but it should be interesting. I'll post more about it after we launch, which should be soon.

Just to throw down some notes that I usually am looking for about git:

To create the remote branch:
git push origin origin:refs/heads/{branch}
git push origin {local_branch}

To delete a remote branch:
git push origin :heads/{branch}
git push origin :somebranch

I'm not sure how to do this, but it seems like to create new remote branch from local branch:
git push origin {local branch name}"

Anyone know for sure?

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