Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First Review!

Admittedly, I submitted mobtropolis to Geekheartland, but it was nice to get a first review. You'll probably see less and less of these self promotions, since there are only so many "firsts" you can have.

All in all, there was nothing scathing about the review, and it actually said it was interesting. In general, of everyone I've ever talked that got it thought it was "interesting". Honestly, that has me puzzled. From everything I've read and heard about the history of innovation, great and revolutionary ideas polarize people. So far, I haven't really had anyone that got it and was turned off by the idea or thought it could never work. Update: Probably because not enough people have heard about it. I'm sure if the bloggers at Uncov got wind of it, they'd rip it to pieces.

We'll see what happens as I expand on Mobtropolis's vision.

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