Thursday, July 05, 2007

has_many :jobs, :limit => 4

I saw this ad in my gmail, and found it pretty funny. Swivel is a startup that is trying to be the "YouTube of Data". What they're doing is pretty neat, esp if they can get the correlation of data down. I wasn't aware that they were using Rails, but perhaps they're only using it as a front end, and have some Java backend processing.

While we're at trivialities, you might as well read about "Mel the Programmer." Though Mel's a real person, this is what legends are made of.

More substance next time.

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  1. yo wilhelm, i work for swivel, and just wanted to confirm that we use a full rails stack + mysql db tier + apache web tier.

    thanks for catching the ad, glad you liked it.

    huned at swivel