Friday, April 27, 2007

Adobe open sources Flex, it'd be nice for mobile too

Now that's news. I think it's a good strategy on their part, since there's still work to be done in the adoption phase of user interfaces, both on the web and mobile devices. What is most interesting is if Adobe plans to use some version of Flex as a platform for mobile devices. Currently, it's done in JavaME, and after trying it out, it was hard, because the tools were still a bit inadequate, and the fact that it's still not easy to get applications on to phones.

With an open sourced language for rich/heavy front-ends, I wouldn't be surprised if this gains quick adoption, as I see just OpenLaszlo and Microsoft's Silverlight as being the alternative. AJAX will have to come up with other tricks up its sleeve, like faster javascript engines...This whole scene will be something to keep an eye on, as it'll be interesting how it plays out.

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  1. Watch for Java ONE and Project Orbit, a cooperation between Sun and Laszlo Systems. Orbit will show OpenLaszlo running within Java Micro Edition.

    We've always been ahead of Adobe with the release of 1.0 version of the server (13 months), open sourcing (31 months), multiple runtime (1 month already, no plan there for Adobe).

    Actually feedback from the mobile industry shows that they are much more looking for mobile Ajax than J2ME stuff and Flash Lite, after Steve Jobs iPhone presentation at MacWorld. Well, we already have Ajax...

    Raju Bitter
    OpenLaszlo Community Manager