Saturday, February 04, 2006

Momo, the Comcast guy that cared

My internet's been intermitten the last couple of months. It would go up and down, up and down. It's really quite frustrating, as I rely on it like I do a car or an appliance. So when it's not working, it disrupts my workflow.

We had called Comcast, and most people they hire are not troubleshooters and problem solvers. They just go by the book, instead of thinking about things. The first time we called, the rep told us to put it on a battery backup. That sounded skeptical, but we did it anyway. Then it was changing the outside splitter, and then proclaiming that the splitter in the wall was bad. After going through three of these guys, I finally got Momo, the Comcast guy that cared.

Since it was an intermitten problem, it wasn't readily reproducible. It would of course work while the technician was here. They'd just shrug and say, "It looks good to me." And then they were on their way. Moments later, my internet would be down again. It might be because I scheduled an early morning appt instead of an evening one, where the technicians just want to go home.

However, Momo was a problem solver. He went all the way back to the tap with the signal meter, and found that the connectors were corroded back there. None of the other technicians from Comcast did that. So we were losing about 10dBs just from that connector. So, a tip for all of you out there, there's a greenish pill tube protruding from the ground somewhere in the neighborhood. It's under that cover that has all the neighbor's cable services. You can check out your own connection if you're experiencing the same problem, and none of the technicians don't seem to be systematic in their diagnosis.

I'm calling Comcast to tell them to give Momo a freakin' promotion, because he's doing the world some good. And that Comcast should hire more people that are problem solvers.

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