Tuesday, January 24, 2006

:: Howtos : Keeping Fedora Up to Date with Yum

:: Howtos : Keeping Fedora Up to Date with Yum

I've used linux for a while now, but the intricacies of how the OS works and is put together is still a bit shrouded. I've developed a lot on a linux machine, but haven't really administered one, til recently.

I've always built my apps from source tarballs, mostly because at least this way, I'll know where I installed it /usr/local/ and it's all in one place. With RPMs, I have no idea where it put the files...but then again, maybe that's the point...that I don't have to. But even then, I've found RPMs are to use...mostly because I could never remember the flags.

Then comes yum on fedora. I like it a lot so far. It's a bit slow, but it finds the repositories, knows which packages need to be updated, and numerous other things. It also finds which packages provide a library that you need for another install, which I used to install rmagick gem. The best part is that the commands are whole words. :)

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